In 2003,Chuangsheng company passed the ISO9001: Certification of 2000 Quality Management System, and was award ‘Guangdong province high technology enterprise. in 2005, we were award “National Inspection-Free (Product)”, Guangdong Brand-name Product, Guangdong Top Brand. In 2007,we got Certification of ISO14000 Environment Management System, and OHSAS18000: Certification of Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. In1996,we won special award of Beijing international invention exhibition, in 1999, we won award of the "recommended products"at China's state food and processing technology exhibition our company has 15 patents, including 6 patents of utility model and 9 patents of appearance design.

           Logo creation, English translated into "CHARMS", meaning extremely attractive, perfect.

        Design with "CHARMS", the letter "C" as the creative starting point, the shape rotating square in 45 ℃, enhance its move feeling, the organic combination of the letter "C" and the square, produce two semicircle, from big to small arc, said its enterprise products (stainless steel) finishing and perfect feeling, graphic above to start red, expressing positive and vitality, life cycle and affinity.Below the letter and Chinese "CHARMS creation" is the black, express strong sedate feeling.

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